Bespoke Communications Solutions
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Premium HF & LMR Equipment

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Codan Radio Communications offers a series of HF transceivers to meet any combination of portable, vehicular and base station requirements. Combined with their complete range of accessories, Codan’s transceivers provide a wide range of advanced capabilities – from voice communications to data, email, fax, chat, GPS tracking and interoperability.

Codan Radio Communications also provides LMR analog and digital P25 radio systems that exceed industry standards and are renowned for their low power consumption, ruggedness and transportability, surviving in the harshest environments.

Codan Radio Communications is a leading designer and manufacturer of premium communications equipment for High Frequency (HF) and Land Mobile Radio (LMR) applications. They've built their reputation for reliability over 50 years in radio communications, in some of the toughest conditions on the planet.

Trusted by the world’s largest mission critical security, military and humanitarian agencies, Codan relentlessly focus on high reliability, meaning you can count on their technology to not let you down.

HF Radio Products

Envoy Smart Radio -- A New Standard in HF Radio

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With IP connectivity, digital voice, a large-high resolution colour display and multi-language user interface — combined with legendary Codan performance and support — the Envoy smart radio is the new standard for HF Communications.
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Base System
Envoy is the only HF base system with a purpose-built smart desktop console that gives you maximum operational flexibility and full remote control capability of all HF radios on your network.
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Mobile System
The Envoy is quick and easy to install in a vehicle, with a space-saving design that enables you to conveniently mount the handset and RF unit separately.

NGT Transceivers

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NGT MR (Military)
The NGT™ MR Transceiver provides tactical High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications for military and security users worldwide. It is more affordable than manpack based solutions while delivering the same critical HF needs such as reliable, secure and interoperable communications.
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NGT ASR (Advanced System Expandable
The Codan NGT™ ASR is a complete solution to your advanced system needs, and is ideal for disaster relief and homeland security. While incorporating superb features like Easitalk®, advanced calling capabilities, and an innovative handset, the NGT ASR is JITC-certified, US FCC and NTIA approved, and complies with MIL-STD-188-141B ALE interoperability.
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NGT SR (System Expandable)
The Codan NGT™ SR is a complete solution to your advanced system needs, including remote-control, split-site, high power communications, or base and vehicle applications. While incorporating superb features like Easitalk®, advanced calling capabilities, and an innovative handset, the NGT™ SR also sports Multiple control points. An extensive range of options including ALE, voice encryption, and GPS are available.

Man Packs

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2110 Manpack
For quick and robust communications, trust the Codan 2110 series HF Manpacks. Now with 3G ALE for quicker voice and messaging, the lightest and toughest HF Manpacks just got even more reliable for communications in the most challenging of environments.
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2110V Manpack (Voice Only)
Codan’s 2110 Voice Manpack transceiver is the perfect solution for your portable HF voice communications needs. They are ideal for all types of terrain and weather conditions. With a range of antennas, backpacks and battery types, the 2110 series can be configured to suit your mission.
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2110M Manpack (Military)
The lightest, toughest and longest lasting HF Manpack is now equipped with 3G ALE for quicker linking and secure data messaging. A fully encrypted solution for tactical data communications that is optimised to perform in low signal to noise environments in which 2G ALE and voice is likely to fail.

Transportable Systems

The MRX Headquarters Systems are fully ruggedised (MIL-STD-810F) field deployable Headquarters Systems, supporting voice, data and an array of encryption options. Providing a deployable backbone communication system, the MRX can be quickly installed and interconnected with local infrastructure. Housed in a 19 inch shock-mounted rack available in 125, 500 or 1000 W systems, the transit case provides shock and vibration protection during transportation.
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MRX Headquarters System
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MRX-I 2110M Headquarters System
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MRX NGT Interoperability Headquarters System
Land Mobile Radio Products

HiveNet Tactical Repeater

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Communication on the Move
Providing guaranteed communication on a fully encrypted network, without manual channel selection required, the Codan HiveNet has you covered for communications on the move. With a rugged design, total P25 compliance and low power draw, a HiveNet repeater network is perfect for undercover tracking operations, vehicle convoys or search and rescue.
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  • Encrypted System
  • Roaming
  • Self-Healing Network
  • Rapidly Deployable
  • Wide Area Coverage

Vizor Transportable Repeaters

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Vizor Transportable Repeater
When an unexpected crisis occurs you can’t plan for every possibility. But with a Codan Vizor repeater you can be prepared — in just minutes. The Codan Vizor is a portable and rapid repeater that delivers instant communications and extended coverage when you need it the most.
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Vizor Interop
Vizor Interop makes saving lives a priority. A transportable repeater, pre-programmed with mutual aid frequencies to provide communications interoperability between emergency response agencies on the ground when responding to an emergency.

Transportable Repeaters & Cases

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ET-1 Transportable Radio System Case
The Codan ET-1 case supports a standard 19” Codan subrack and has an internal mounting height of 6, 9, 12 or 15 RU.

The case is weatherproof and constructed from high-density polyethylene with reinforced walls. It has recessed handles, smooth latches, anodized valances and a pressure relief valve. The rack is shock mounted and the lid gasket is watertight. Racks can be mounted inside the front and back of the case. Codan subracks can be mounted back to back on bothfront and back racks. Optional duplexers can also be mounted inside the case.
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ET-3 Aluminum Transportable Case
The Codan ET-3 case is a rugged, pressurized, waterproof, aluminum 19” transportable case accommodating one subrack.

It features spring-retracted handles, smooth latches, a pressure-relief valve and desiccant. It is available in orange or black. Any standard 19” Codan subrack can be mounted inside. In addition to the space for a 3U high subrack, the transportable case has a 2U space free for optional modules. The lid has a steel plate to magnetically mount an antenna. The Codan ET-3 is typically used for deployment in extreme environments, mountaintops, fighting forest fires.
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ET-4 Briefcase Repeater
The Codan ET-4 Briefcase Repeater is a compact polyethylene case that accommodates standard Codan LMR radio modules as well as an optional battery backup, duplexer and accessory storage box. The case is rugged, waterproof, and easily deployed by one person.

An interface connection on the side of the case provides access to the RF, DC and AC inputs. The case is made of high performance resin offering impact resistance. Press and Pull latches offer secure case closure and are padlock-able. Soft grip handles, in-line wheels and a telescoping handle provide ease of transportation by individuals.
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ET-5 Tactical Repeater
The Codan ET-5 provides the smallest footprint of any transportable P25 repeater supporting transparent encryption in VHF/UHF, 700 MHz or 800 MHz bands. It operates with standard alkaline D-Cell batteries available at any retail store, as well as a rechargeable lead acid battery.

The ET-5 Repeater is specifically designed to meet the needs of body wire repeating for undercover operations and other surveillance operations where radio communications providing stealth, compact size for unobtrusiveness and rapid redeployment are vital.

Other LMR Products

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  • Repeater System
  • Multiple Linked Repeater
  • VOIP Linked Repeater
  • Crossband Repeater
  • Crossband Link Repeater
  • VHF Marine Radio
  • Microwave Backbone System
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  • Paging System
  • Base Station Paging
  • Remote Paging Station
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Base Stations
  • Base Station
  • Tone or DC Remote Base Station
  • RF Link Controlled Base Station
  • IP Interfaced Base Station
  • VOIP Remote Base Station
  • P25 Repeater and Base Station
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Trunked Radio System
The Codan P25 Trunked Radio System provides a compact, low power trunked radio system for customers requiring P25 digital communications to a large number of users from a single site.
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P25 Digital & Analog Voting
Based on the versatile MT-4E radio platform, the Codan P25 digital voting system offers an enhanced level of functionality for conventional P25 applications.
HF & LMR Integrated Solution

MRAY Transportable Transceiver

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An Integrated Solution
The MRAY is a unique solution for linking multiple analog/P25 repeater sites. The solution integrates Codan’s Envoy™ HF smart radio, an LMR VHF/UHF 30 W Repeater and 3031 Crosspatch™ to enable long distance communications between two or more P25 repeater sites via a HF link.
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Lightweight & Rugged
Housed in a polyethylene weather resistant case for rapid deployment, the MRAY’s compact design enables it to be transported in passenger vehicles and commercial aircraft. The MRAY is a complete self-contained solution with optional accessories including a solar panel system, battery case, and antenna and masts.
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Links Multiple Repeater Sites
The MRAY provides both on-site radio coverage, via the self-contained analog or P25 repeater, and long-range linking of the local communication via the included 125 W SDR Envoy™ HF radio. It delivers the distinct advantages of rapid deployment, ease of use, and long distance communications where previously a leased line, microwave or private IP networks were the only options.