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Kenwood Launches DMR Hand Held Portable Range

Launched in January 2014, Kenwood's DMR range is designed to meet the requirements of users who operate small-scale communication systems and/or who require an ETSI compliant solution. The TK-D200 (VHF) and TK-D300 (UHF) hand-portable radios are the first models in KENWOOD’s new digital radio range to comply with ETSI DMR air interface protocol specification in Tier 2.

The flagship TK-D200G/D300G feature an impressive array of benefits:
  • Compact/Lightweight and Rugged
  • Rapid User response
  • Built –in GPS (TK-D200G/TK-300G models)
  • High resolution colour 2” TFT display (display models)
  • Text Message and Status Message
  • Enhanced detection of possible emergencies
  • Long Lasting battery life of 18 hours (with KNB-57L)
  • Enhanced Audio quality


In addition Kenwood DMR capabilities can be further extended to include multiple user groups by employing the following repeaters:
  • EU: TKR-D710E, TKR-D810E Tier 2 repeater
  • Non-EU: TKR-D710K, TKR-D810K Tier 2 repeater

Download the TK-D200/D300 Brochure