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RadCom Reviews TS-990


RadCom, the official voice of the Radio Society of Great Britain and one of the markets’ most influential magazines, reviews Kenwood's TS-990, flagship to the Amateur Range. Read the full review here...

As well as 200 watts output power on all bands, the TS-990S comes equipped with dual receivers, allowing simultaneous dual reception on different bands. It features a narrow-band roofing filter on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration. Further, it has achieved the highest basic reception performance in the TS series, both through the selection of circuits and components for their high performance and fast data/audio processing using a triple DSP configuration.

Dual TFT displays and a fine panel layout provide the operator with comfortable visibility and operability. Our top-of-the-line unit is for all radio operators who love HF.

New Feature Highlights:
1. Down conversion employed for all Amateur Radio bands (main receiver)
2. Newly developed mixer contributes to IP3 +40dBm performance (main receiver)
3. New narrow-band high-IP roofing filters help to remove adjacent interference (main receiver)
4. Sub receiver down conversion2 on Amateur bands below 21MHz
5. Dedicated triple DSPs for main & sub receivers plus band scope
6. Dual TFT display offers excellent visibility

Download the TS-990S Brochure