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Kenwood Launches New VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Mobile Transceiver

Kenwood is proud to introduce an updated version of their popular T M-D710 VHF/UHF Dual Band FM Mobile Transceiver, the T M-D710GE. The new "G" model incorporates a factory installed GPS module in the control panel.TMD710G

Kenwood Launches New Pocket Radio

Kenwood PKT-03

Kenwood has just introduced a new, simple "Push to Talk" (PTT) UHF radio, the PKT-03.

Its compact size and unique design means it’s lightweight - only 100g even with the Li-Ion battery. So not only does it fit neatly in your hand but also you can even wear it around your neck or as part of any uniform.

They are competitively priced and yet have the well known reliability and robustness of Kenwood Quality.

Download the PKT-03 Brochure

NexeTalk Telephone Interconnect


Phaeton has announced the release of NexeTalk Telephone Interconnect (NTI) as a standalone application designed for NEXEDGE® trunked radio systems. NTI is purely IP-based and allows radio users to place and receive telephone calls. It supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for connection to VoIP telephony devices. A built-in AMBE+2TM codec makes it unnecessary to connect extra hardware to the network.

Read Phaeton's newsletter here.

New NEXEDGE® dPMR Advertisement Released


A new Kenwood Communications advertising campaign broke cover with the launch of NEXEDGE® dPMR with advertisements in Land Mobile and Wireless magazines last month. The new advertisement presents a strong and simple proposition for Kenwood dPMR as part of the proven and successful NEXEDGE® digital portfolio.

NEXEDGE® dPMR means that customers who require an ETSI compliant, multi-vendor, open standard digital communications solution, can now select Kenwood equipment secure in the knowledge that it has been built on the proven performance and reliability of NEXEDGE®, with over 700,000 devices in service across the world. NEXEDGE® dPMR offers many of the benefits of NEXEDGE® NXDN™ including outstanding voice quality, extended range, increased security, flexibility, economy and spectrum efficiency.

Contact Ariba Celcom for more information about Kenwood's NEXEDGE® dPMR line.

RadCom Reviews TS-990


RadCom, the official voice of the Radio Society of Great Britain and one of the markets’ most influential magazines, reviews Kenwood's TS-990, flagship to the Amateur Range. Read the full review here...

As well as 200 watts output power on all bands, the TS-990S comes equipped with dual receivers, allowing simultaneous dual reception on different bands. It features a narrow-band roofing filter on the main receiver in a full down-conversion configuration. Further, it has achieved the highest basic reception performance in the TS series, both through the selection of circuits and components for their high performance and fast data/audio processing using a triple DSP configuration.

Dual TFT displays and a fine panel layout provide the operator with comfortable visibility and operability. Our top-of-the-line unit is for all radio operators who love HF.

New Feature Highlights:
1. Down conversion employed for all Amateur Radio bands (main receiver)
2. Newly developed mixer contributes to IP3 +40dBm performance (main receiver)
3. New narrow-band high-IP roofing filters help to remove adjacent interference (main receiver)
4. Sub receiver down conversion2 on Amateur bands below 21MHz
5. Dedicated triple DSPs for main & sub receivers plus band scope
6. Dual TFT display offers excellent visibility

Download the TS-990S Brochure

Bulgarian Police Deploy NEXEDGE® Radio System


Kenwood and its local distribution partner in Bulgaria have completed delivery of a country-wide installation of a NEXEDGE two-way radio system for the National Police Service in Bulgaria.

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