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NexeTalk V2.0 Released

The Kenwood Solution Developer Phaeton has released V2.0 of their successful PC based dispatch solution NexeTalk.

NexeTalk 2.0 includes enhanced futures such as:
  • Alert Manager
Incoming messages such as Status, GPS, text and voice calls can trigger an operator alert.

  • Lone Worker
The operator can be alerted in case of a lone worker alarm activation.

  • Select and Unselect Channel
Incoming audio can now be directed to any speaker connected to the dispatcher terminal.

For further information, please click the pdf link below.


NexeTalk Telephone Interconnect


Phaeton has announced the release of NexeTalk Telephone Interconnect (NTI) as a standalone application designed for NEXEDGE® trunked radio systems. NTI is purely IP-based and allows radio users to place and receive telephone calls. It supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for connection to VoIP telephony devices. A built-in AMBE+2TM codec makes it unnecessary to connect extra hardware to the network.

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