Bespoke Communication Solutions

Telelink Gulf Dealer Conference

Telelink Gulf Ltd. recently hosted a dealer conference in Dubai. The team from Ariba Celcom was happy to participate. We had great sessions with our colleagues from Kenwood UK, Kenwood Japan, JVC Middle East and Codan Radio. Thank you to all those who attended. group_photo

Codan Releases New Tactical Repeaters

Codan’s new tactical repeaters ideal for secure, rapid deployment operations

The Codan HiveNet is a rapid repeater network solution suitable for the most demanding, secure mobile and fixed operations. A HiveNet mobile repeater network can link a number of HiveNet repeaters together to provide reliable, fully encrypted P25 communication that is easy to operate and deploy, but can also move and adapt to a changing operational environment. With a rugged design, total P25 compliance and low power draw, HiveNet is ideal for undercover operations, vehicle convoys or virtually any other wide area public safety emergency.

“The Codan HiveNet repeater utilizes our leading edge LMR technology. A network of HiveNet repeaters provides the widest area coverage available for on-demand radio, and is the first self-healing network where repeaters can be added and removed on the fly without any configuration, making it the ideal solution for communications on the move,” said Paul McCarter, Codan’s Executive General Manager of the Radio Communications Division.

Download the HiveNet Brochure