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Triple-Digital Radios – An Industry First!

The KENWOOD NX-5000 SeriesNow Supports DMR as well as NXDN & P25 Protocols for Maximum Flexibility
KENWOOD continues to invest its extensive experience and acclaimed technologies in NEXEDGE, an innovative digital communications solution that satisfies the most stringent requirements of today’s mission-critical radio users. And with the new addition of DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) support, NEXEDGE leaps further ahead of the competition: NX-5000 Series portable and mobile radios are compatible with three different digital protocols – NXDN, DMR and P25 (Phase 1 & 2) – enabling them to serve in all public sector, commercial and public safety roles with flawless performance and advanced feature sets.

DMR support

DMR is an open radio standard established in 2005 by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) for commercial communications. It uses 2-slot TDMA in a 12.5 kHz channel, effectively doubling the capacity of existing 12.5 kHz equipment. This provides smooth communications and coordination for staff in a wide variety of commercial environments, including retail, hospitality and manufacturing.

Compatibility with the DMR AIS IP Console Interface facilitates radio dispatch operations, while Call Interruption is ideal for security guards. Digital DMR Data Services and Remote Monitoring are among several other benefits.

With the addition of DMR support, the NX-5000 Series now offers unsurpassed interoperability and flexibility. A single NX-5000 radio can simultaneously support two digital protocols plus FM analog, offering the following combinations: FM/DMR/NXDN, FM/NXDN/P25, and FM/DMR/P25.

Whether it’s nationwide enterprises building large-scale trunked networks with NXDN, staff staying in touch via DMR or first responders maintaining vital contact with P25 – the NX-5000 Series has a clear digital advantage.

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Kenwood Launches DMR Repeater

Kenwood’s TK-D200/D300 series hand-portables are now joined by matching repeaters, the TKR-D710E/D810E, bringing the benefits of DMR communications to many more users. For both on-site and local area coverage these new radios offer a valuable upgrade to existing communications, while still working seamlessly with legacy analogue radios.


Download the TK-D200/D300 Series Brochure

Kenwood Launches DMR Hand Held Portable Range

Launched in January 2014, Kenwood's DMR range is designed to meet the requirements of users who operate small-scale communication systems and/or who require an ETSI compliant solution. The TK-D200 (VHF) and TK-D300 (UHF) hand-portable radios are the first models in KENWOOD’s new digital radio range to comply with ETSI DMR air interface protocol specification in Tier 2.

The flagship TK-D200G/D300G feature an impressive array of benefits:
  • Compact/Lightweight and Rugged
  • Rapid User response
  • Built –in GPS (TK-D200G/TK-300G models)
  • High resolution colour 2” TFT display (display models)
  • Text Message and Status Message
  • Enhanced detection of possible emergencies
  • Long Lasting battery life of 18 hours (with KNB-57L)
  • Enhanced Audio quality


In addition Kenwood DMR capabilities can be further extended to include multiple user groups by employing the following repeaters:
  • EU: TKR-D710E, TKR-D810E Tier 2 repeater
  • Non-EU: TKR-D710K, TKR-D810K Tier 2 repeater

Download the TK-D200/D300 Brochure