All radio communication used within the UAE requires authorisation and licensing from the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). Radios which are bought and sold without TRA approval are illegal, possibly counterfeit, and subject to heavy fines by the authorities.

Ariba Celcom follows all TRA rules to ensure that radio communication equipment sold by our company for use within the UAE is properly licensed as per TRA regulations. This includes type-approval for all radio models and end-user licences and frequency allocation based on individual radio serial numbers.

Ariba Celcom can assist our customers with the TRA application process, although all fees must be paid directly by the end user.


In 2016, the TRA approved ​license-free use of radios in the PM 446 frequency band in the UAE.

This provides a simple, economical, and effective short-range radio service for professional and leisure users. Unlike mobile phones, with PMR446, there is no waiting for a connection, no working around the uncertainties of GSM coverage and no contract fees or call charges.

Ariba Celcom has received type approval and class authorization for three radio models in Kenwood’s world-class Pro-Talk series. This includes the digital TK-3401D, the analogue TK-3501, and the pocket-sized PKT-23.

These radios are available for immediate purchase with no end-user license required. Please contact our sales team for more information.


Ariba Celcom is a proud partner of the Emirates Amateur Radio Society (EARS) who are responsible for the licensing of amateur radios in the UAE. ​ For more information, contact Ariba Celcom or visit the EARS website.

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